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"Discovering The Magnificence of Cultural Diversity to Embrace The World."


We’re back with the new and fresh theme. Let’s try to challenge yourself, have some more experience, and excitement.

This year, the theme is Discovering the Magnificence of Cultural Diversity to Embrace the World.

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The Competitions

All competitions registration will be opened in two phases,

The first phase will be opened on the September 3 – 18, 2018, and

The second phase will be opened on the September 21, 2018 – October 22, 2018.

The registration will be closed in the meantime when it has reached the maximum capacity of the quota.

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Alliance Quiz

The participants will face quiz contest, knowledge of English skills, and the culture which includes in it. Enhancing sense of cultural legacy as the power to embrace the universe is this year’s theme.

Debate Competition

English Debate encourages the students to have an English skill and critical thinking performed in front of third party, such as adjudicators and audience. To convince them, arguments are paramount to make and should be structurally organized. Live with Harmony in Diversity is this year’s theme.

News Casting

The participants will read trending news and act as news anchors on television. The objective is to provide Senior High School students with an opportunity to perform and assess their ability in reading English news. Discovering the magnificence of cultural diversity to embrace the world is this year’s theme.

Speech Competition

English Speech Competition is aimed to develop participants’ skill in public speaking and to see the ability of the participants in clarifying a statement. Each participant will perform individually.

Story Telling

English Story Telling Competition required the participants to be creative figures in bringing a story with their style and improvisation. Preserving the heritage of empires in the world is this year’s theme.

Writing Competition

Writing Competition is an annual competition that is included in the English Week XXIII of UNESA events. This competition is the only competition in English Week that is dedicated to active university students (S1/D3) throughout East Java (open). It means that “participants outside East Java are also welcomed”.


M. Nuril Huda, SMA Darul Ulum 1 Unggulan BPPT Jombang

Terima kasih panitia. Semoga tahun depan semakin baik dan semarak acarnya. Salam kepada seluruh panitia yg sudah berkenan untuk meluangkan waktu mengadakan even seperti ini. Wadah untuk siswa memperoleh banyak pengalaman. Terimaksih banyak. Good luck and see you next year.

Dèjammer Band, Guest Star EW XXII

Atas segala nyanyian dan apapun yang teramat syahdu MALAM itu, kita ucapkan terima kasih dari dalam hati yang paling hangat teruntuk semua yang sudah memeluk kita di #ENGLISHWEEKUNESA. Semoga bisa bertatap lagu lagi di Surabaya, semoga dan amin. SEMESTA MEMELUK KITA SEMUA

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