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English Week XXIV

In the current era of globalization, technological progress and development are not followed by high concern for humans. Anti-social attitudes are increasingly high, arising a lot of social inequality and injustice. Dare to say, we see humans but not humanity nowadays. Considering the crisis of humanity spreading out in our society, English Week XXIV is here bringing a step towards the better version of humanity. Together with the enthusiasm and optimism of the global generation, a change will be made to encourage people to intensify their sense of humanity, followed by genuine consideration and tolerance towards others. Background differences of the global generation are the key to bring our main goals to life because, indeed, unity arises from diversity. Through these differences, humans are expected to develop their own characters and abilities, but still with the same goal; better humanity. English Week XXlV holds several events in several days. Starts with various English competitions, it will be closed with a carnival—the highlight agenda of this event. The Carnival of English Week XXIV itself is a closing ceremony in the form of art performances from several musicians across UNESA and a cultural carnival from the freshmen of English Department. In addition, there will be a stage to deliver prizes for the winners of English Week XXIV competitions. Moreover, this event is also a place to strengthen the relations among UNESA students, especially those majoring in English Education and Literature.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso