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What is English Week?

English week


The development of science and technology is a proof of how modern the nation’s civilization today. Information, culture and knowledge can be accessed easily. Moreover, English as an international language is undeniably an important medium and a tool to access the need of information, knowledge as well as cultural understanding all around the world. Along with those reasons, it can be concluded that learning English today is not just an obligation but a need that cannot be avoided anymore. Without mastering English, both oral and written, it is almost certain that we will not be able to compete in this globalization era.

Realizing the importance of English language skills, the government placed English language lesson as one of the determinants in passing the National Final Examination every year. Therefore, students are required to be able to master English, both oral and written very well. Even though schools are already providing facilities for students to learn English, such as books and laboratories, we need to understand that language is a culture that needs application. Therefore, another experiences out of schools are strongly recomended in order to apply and develop their English skills. For example, in a form of competition. Besides, it has been proven that competitions can also grow the characters of students to become active, creative, competitive and critical.

Based on the above considerations, The English Department Student Association of English Literature UNESA presents English Week XXIII. This event is a series of educational competitions where the participants are required to show off their English skills actively in sportsmanship. Furthermore, English Week is one of the yearly biggest programs of the English Language and Literature Major, Languages and Art Faculty, UNESA. By joining English Week XXIII, students are expected to be able to bring out the knowledge acquinted about English while develop themselves through competitions.

English Week XXIII Theme

“Discovering The Magnificence of Cultural Diversity to Embrace The World.

Culture is a local wisdom that must be maintained. The existence of culture shows where the civilization exists. It means wherever human beings are, can never be separated from culture. By combining the words “Magnificence and Diversity” It means that culture is not only beautiful but also diverse. With its beauty and diversity, it appears “to Embrace The World” which means becoming one. By understanding how magnificence cultural diversity is, rather than judging each other through differences, we can embrace the world together.

Along with the theme, we hope the participants can make better changes towards all aspects, global minded and broad-minded, as well as fostering a cultured and virtuous attitude.

In English Week XXlll, there are a series of events which lasts for several days. The highlight of this event is The Closing which will be held on the last day. The Closing of English Week XXIII itself is the closing activity in the form of art performances from several musicians from both UNESA and open artists. In addition, there will be on stage-winning prizes from the competitions that has been held at English Week XXIII. Moreover, this event is also a place to strengthen the relations among UNESA students especially students majoring in English Language and Literature.

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