English Debate Competition encourages the students to have an English skill and critical thinking performed in front of third party, such as adjudicators and audiences. To convince them, arguments are paramount to make and should be structurally organized. In 2019, the ability to think structurally and critically is expected, especially to the global generation. Thus, the benefit of English Debate should be practically driven to teenagers who are high scholars.

English Week XXIV provides an English Debate Competition to accommodate the interest and strengthen the ability of high scholars to be more competitive in the 21st century. The participants will be expected to be more open-minded and critical.

Main Theme: Enhancing Global Generations’ Intercultural Literacy for Better Humanity

Sub Theme: Global Generation – Fighting against Prejudice through Intercultural Literacy



  1. TH regrets the commercialization of education (e.g. Fancy Private School and Online Private University)
  2. Assuming all students have social media, THW use social media activities(e.g. behaviour of story, caption, comment, etc.) as a required metric of assessment to pass the class or graduate
  3. THBT developing countries should redefine the concept of literacy from quantity base (e.g. number of books/articles being read and written) to quality base


Time: 16 – 17 November 2019

Place: Faculty of Languages and Arts, State University of Surabaya


  1. This competition is an East Java open competition which is available for active senior high school
  2. Each school may send six teams for maximum.
  3. Each team consists of three students.
  4. The participants may join more than one competitions in English Week XXIV, but the issue regarding the timetable of the competitions are not committees’ responsibility.
  5. The team is expected to come at least 30 minutes before the competition starts to complete the second registration.
  6. The second registration will be opened at 6:15 a.m.- 7:15 a.m., and cannot be represented by anyone else.
  7. All teams have to complete the second registration as the requirement to enter the competition room. The team who has not completed the second registration is not allowed to enter.
  8. The competition will be started at 8:15 m.
  9. Team who comes late is still allowed to join the competition without any additional time.
  10. The team who does not attend second registration will be disqualified.
  11. If the team do not come on the day of the competition or has no complete member as they registered, they will be considered withdrawing themselves from the competition (the registration fee cannot be refunded).
  12. Participants must enter Debater Hall at 7:15 a.m.
  13. Participants must wear an ID card andcontestant number during the competition. These will be given on second registration.
  14. On the first day of competition participants must wear their own school uniform and a pair of shoe. On the second day, participants are allowed to wear formal clothes and pair of shoe.
  15. Participants must obey every rule of English Week XXIV competitions.


  1. The debate system that will be used in English Week is Asian Parliamentary. The A-Core will give the participants an interesting coaching clinic about Asian Parliamentary system on Saturday, 16 November 2019.
  2. English Debate Competition will be tentatively conducted in two rounds:
    • There will be 4 preliminary rounds on the first day of the competition.
    • There will be 4 elimination rounds on the second day of the competition:
      • The best 16 teams from preliminary round will compete in Octo-final Round.
      • The best 8 teams from octo-final round will compete in Quarter-final Round.
      • The best 4 teams from quarter-final round will compete in Semi Final Round.
      • The best 2 teams from semifinal round will compete in Grand Final Round.
  1. There will be two teams compete in each room.
  2. The case building section will be conducted in 30 minutes after the motions are launched.
  3. Each contestant is allowed to use manual dictionary during the case-building section.
  4. Each contestant is not allowed to bring printed-sources and surf the internet or use electronic devices-such as cell phone and notebook-during the competition.
  5. Each team only allows bringing provided-paper by the committee.
  6. Coaches, teachers, and others who are not involved in the match are not allowed to help the participants during the case building section.
  7. Each speaker speaks for 7’20’’ in maximum (POI in minute 1 to 6) and each reply speaker speaks for 4’20’’ in maximum.
  8. Based on Asian Parliamentary Procedure (you can check it below), the two sides are called the Government and Opposition:
    • Government
      • First Speaker of Government
      • Second Speaker of Government
      • Third Speaker of Government
    • Opposition
      • First Speaker of Opposition
      • Second Speaker of Opposition
      • Third Speaker of Opposition
  1. Based on Asian Parliamentary Procedure, the speech order of each speaker will be:
    • First Speaker of Government
    • First Speaker of Opposition
    • Second Speaker of Government
    • Second Speaker of Opposition
    • Third Speaker of Government
    • Third Speaker of Opposition
    • Reply Speaker of Opposition (1st/2nd Speaker)
    • Reply Speaker of Government (1st/2nd Speaker)
  1. There will be some motions launched by the committee in October (on English Week XXIV website and instagram) and the other motions are impromptu.
  2. Judges’ final decision CANNOT be changed.


  1. Snack + Lunch
  2. ID card
  3. Certificate


  1. First Place: Trophy + Certificate+Merchandise + IDR 2.000.000,-
  2. Second Place: Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise + IDR 1.750.000,-
  3. Third Place: Trophy + Certificate +Merchandise + IDR 1.500.000,-
  4. First Runner Up: Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise + IDR 400.000,-
  5. Best Speaker: Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise + IDR 200.000,-


  1. Make sure all the registrants’ names written in the registration form are correct (full name) according to the name written on the students’ ID card.
  2. The submitted name CANNOT be changed. Any kinds of misspelling / writing errors are not the responsibility of committee.
  3. The name written on the certificate is according to the one written in the registration form. Once again, the committee will not be responsible if the participant’s name written on the certificate turns out to be wrong.
  4. Any revision of the submitted data is acceptable MAXIMUM on 31 October 2019. Participants may contact the following number regarding the issue: Anita Valeri Regita (0895388131187)
  5. The committee WILL NOT accepts any revision regarding the participants’ data and/or the certificate on the day of the competition.