English Week News Casting competition is an annual competition in English Department of Languages and Arts Faculty, State University of Surabaya in which the participants will read trending news and act as news anchors on television. The objective is to provide Senior High School students with an opportunity to perform and assess their ability in reading English news.

THEME: Discovering the Magnificence of Cultural Diversity to Embrace the World.

SUB-THEME: Embracing Multiculturalism.

TOPICS: Cultural Diversity Unites the Differences of All Connecting the Boundaries, Celebrating the Diversity.

THE JUDGES: Lecturers of English Department.


Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Briefing room : T4.03.12

[Welcoming participants, reading the rules and regulations, etc]

Preparation room : T4.03.08

[Participants will be given 10 minutes for studying the material]

Preliminary round : T4.03.13 & T4.03.14

[Participants enter the room one by one]

Waiting room : T4.03.10

[room for teachers]

Final room: T4.03.13


  1. This competition is open for all active senior high students in Java.
  2. The school may send maximum 5 students.
  3. This competition’s maximum quota is 60 participants.
  4. Participants may join more than 1 competition in EW XXII, but the consequence of the schedule which has the same time with other competitions is not committee responsibility.
  5. Re-registration session starts at 06.30 to 07.15 WIB.
    • [Participant who comes late is still allowed to re-register but must accept if they get the last order]
  6. Participants must re-register themselves before the competition starts. Order of performance will be determined by the order of re-registration.
  7. Participants will be divided into 2 groups in 2 rooms.
  8. Participants have to fill the registration form via EW XXIII Website and submit it in Re-registration session.
  9. Briefing about Rules and Regulation starts at30 – 07.45 WIB
  10. There is an opening at 08.00 WIB.
  11. The competition will be started at 09.30 WIB.
  12. The participants must come ±30 minutes before the competition starts.
  13. In case, the participant who does not come on the day of the competition, he / she will be considered fail and the registration fee cannot be withdrawn.
  14. The participant who comes late will be considered in the last order.
  15. Participants must use the ID card and Participation’s number during the competition. It will be distributed after the re-registration session.
  16. The materials used in this competition originated from the committee and cannot be altered unless stated in the special rules. The participants should make their own opening and a closing
  17. There are an opening and a closing audio for every news which will be scored as well.
  18. Physical Appearance:
    1. Every participant has to wear formal clothing (women should wear blazer and men should wear a suit), wear formal shoes and must not wear jeans or school uniform in this competition.
    2. Every participant must keep his/her appearance neat and clean; this includes hair neatness.
    3. A minimal use of cosmetics is allowed for participants.
  19. Teleprompter application will be used in EW News Casting Competition.
  20. There will be two rounds in EW News Casting Competition:
    1. Preliminary Round (60 Participants) perform individually in 5 minutes.
    2. Final Round (10 Finalist ) perform in pairs in 7 minutes.
  21. Participants are not allowed to exceed the time given in every round. Failure to meet the time requirements will result in a penalty of 5 points deduction.
  22. All participants must undergo the time below to prepare their performances.
    1. Preliminary round: 10 minutes
    2. Final Round: 15 Minutes
  23. The committee will give sign before it starts and ends.
    1. Preliminary round :
      • Green : will be displayed at the 1st
      • Yellow : will be displayed at the 2nd minute
      • Red : will be displayed at the 3rd minute
    2. Final round :
      • Green : will be displayed at the 2nd and 3rd minute
      • Yellow : will be displayed at the 4th minute
      • Red : will be displayed at the 5th minute
  24. After performing, each participant should stay in the room as the audience until other participants have finished their turn.
  25. Scoring Criteria:
    1. LANGUAGE & VOCALIZATION (Max. 40 Score)
      • Opening &Closing, Quality and variety (not monotone), inflection, enunciation, pronunciation, proper emphasis, projection and control, appropriate volume, no distracting vocal mannerisms.
    2. STYLE (Max. 30 score)
      • Rapport with the audience, no distracting mannerisms, appealing presentation, appropriate apparel.
    3. BODY LANGUAGE (Max. 20 score)
      • Eye contact, posture and poise, hand gestures used with restraint and good taste.                         
  26. Participant must obey every rule in English Week XXIII competition.
  27. All Judges’ decision is final.
  28. Best Couple is not the core winners.


  1. All competitions registration will be opened in two phases.
    • The 1st phase will be opened on the September 3rd – 18th, 2018, by paying Rp. 130.000,-
    • The 2nd phase will be opened on the September 21st – October 22nd, 2018, by paying Rp. 150.000,-
  2. The maximum quota is 60 participants.
  3. The registration will be closed in the meantime when it has reached the maximum capacity of the quota.
  4. The committee will not accept any payment for the registration on the day of competition.
  5. The participants must give a number as the contact person in the registration form. Committee will send any information only to that number.


  1. Snack (Re-registration session) + Lunch (Break time)
  2. ID Card
  3. Certificate


  1. First Winner: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 1.500,000,-
  2. Second Winner: Trophy + Certificate + ID 1,200,000,-
  3. Third Winner: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 1,000,000,-
  4. First Runner-up: Trophy + Certificate
  5. Second Runner-up: Trophy + Certificate
  6. Best Couple: Certificate + IDR 400,000,-


News Casting Competition's Doc Regulation


  1. In qualification and final round, guidance teachers are not allowed to enter the competition rooms (room A and room B) and participants’ room.
  2. For documentation, the teachers may contact the committee (a flash disk is required).
  3. There is no Technical Meeting, so each participant must read carefully on those rules given. For further information of this competition may contact Putu Tita (081338778222) and the information of registration may contact Miranda Muge (08121558240).
  4. Make sure all the registrant’s names which are written in the registration form (Google form) are correct (complete name) with the correct spelling as it is printed on the Family registration card/student card/identity card (KK/KTP/Kartu Pelajar) in order to avoid mistyping on the participant’s certificate.
  5. The committee is not responsible for participants’ typing/writing errors.
  6. Any kinds of misspelling in the certificate CANNOT be changed.
  7. The changes of the participant that has been registered ONLY CAN BE DONE MAXIMUM on October 22nd, 2018, by contacting Miranda (08121558240) to give the confirmation.
  8. The committee is not responsible for the participants’ changing on the day of the competition.
  9. The team who does not re-confirm the registration will BE DISQUALIFIED.
  10. The participant can take part in more than 1 competition, and make sure it is not crash with the other competition’s schedules that have been chosen.
  11. The committee is not responsible for the participants’ crashed competition.
  12. If there is additional information will be sent via SMS to the CP written in the registration form.
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