Spelling Bee is one of the competitions in English Week where students will have the opportunity to improve their skills in pronunciation and spelling the English terms. Through Spelling Bee, students are expected to be more confident and fluent in pronouncing English.

Main Theme: Enhancing Global Generations’ Intercultural Literacy for Better Humanity

Sub Theme: Gaining Broad Knowledge within Literacy for the Better Life of Humanity

Topic: General Knowledge


Time: 15 November 2019

Place: Faculty of Languages and Arts, State University of Surabaya


  1. This competition is available for active junior high school students in Surabaya.
  2. Each school may send five students for maximum.
  3. The participant may join more than one competition in English Week XXIV, but the issues regarding the timetable of the competitions are not committees’ responsibility.
  4. Participant is expected to come at least 30 minutes before the competition starts to complete the second registration.
  5. The second registration will be opened at 6:30 – 7.30 m. and cannot be represented by anyone else.
    • All participants must complete the second registration as the requirement to enter the competition room. The participant who has not completed the second registration is not allowed to enter.
    • The competition will be started at 8:00 a.m.
  6. Participant who comes late is still allowed to join the competition without any additional time.
  7. The participant who does not attend second registration will be disqualified.
  8. If the participants do not come on the day of the competition, they will be considered withdrawing themselves from the competition (the registration fee cannot be refunded).
  9. Participants must wear an ID card and contestant number during the competition. These will be given on second registration.
  10. Participants must wear their school uniform.
  11. Participants must obey every rule of English Week XXIV


  1. The words used are based on Oxford Dictionary.
  2. The competitions will be divided into three rounds:
    • Preliminary Round
      • Participants will be given several answers and obliged to answer the question also spell the answer.
      • There will be 30 words with various level of difficulty:
      • Basic: 10 questions
      • Intermediate: 10 questions
      • Advanced: 10 questions
      • Half of the participants will go to the next round.
      • Scoring is based on:
      • Basic: 2 points @word
      • Intermediate: 3 points @word
      • Advanced: 5 points @word
    • Semifinal Round :
      • Participants will be divided into 5 groups.
      • Participants are assigned to listen to a pronouncer and will be given questions about general knowledge. This question is based on whom able to answer the question quickly.
      • Participants who are able to answer the question quickly have to spell the answer as well.
      • There will be 8 to 10 questions for each group.
      • Five participants with the highest score will go to final round.
      • Each participant must stay at the competition venue until the competition ends and must remain silent.
    • Final Round :
      • The participants will be called one by one.
      • There will be various questions pronounced by the pronouncer (jumbled letters, general knowledge, etc) and the participants have to listen to it.
      • There will be 5 questions for each participant and 10 questions to conquer between the participants.
      • Participants have to answer the question then spell the word correctly.
      • The highest score will be the winner.
  3. The winners will be announced on the date of the competition.
  4. All the participants must obey the English Week XXIV rules.
  5. Judges’ final decision CANNOT be changed.


  1. Snack + Lunch
  2. ID Card
  3. Certificate


  1. First Winner: Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise + IDR. 750,000,-
  2. Second Winner: Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise + IDR. 500,000,-
  3. Third Winner: Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise + IDR. 300,000,-


  1. Make sure all the registrants’ names written in the registration form are correct (full name) according to the name written on the students’ ID card.
  2. The submitted name CANNOT be changed. Any kinds of misspelling / writing errors are not the responsibility of committee.
  3. The name written on the certificate is according to the one written in the registration form. Once again, the committee will not be responsible if the participant’s name written on the certificate turns out to be wrong.
  4. Any revision of the submitted data is acceptable MAXIMUM on 31 October 2019. Participants may contact the following number regarding the issue: Anita Valeri Regita (0895388131187)
  5. The committee WILL NOT accepts any revision regarding the participants’ data and/or the certificate on the day of the competition.