English Story Telling Competition required the participants to be creative figures in bringing a story with their style and improvisation.


“Discovering the Magnificence of Cultural Diversity to Embrace the World”


“Preserving the Heritage of Empires in the World”


  1. Preliminary Round: Indonesian Empire.
  2. Final Round : Foreign Empire


  1. Preliminary Round: The heritage of Majapahit Empire
  2. Final Round: Joseon’s Dynasty (South Korea)


The participants may tell about when the Kingdom was established, who the influental people for the kingdom are, what they have done, what happened with them, what made the kingdom destroyed, what the goods of their royal relics are, how the goods were made, what for they made the goods.


  1. Participants must be the active high school students in East Java (open). It means that “participants outside East Java are also welcomed.” (SMA/SMK/MA)
  2. The school can send maximum five students for each competition.
  3. The participants must register before the registration deadline, evidenced by the proof of payment online (via e-mail).
  4. The participants must prepare 2 texts. The scripts will be delivered during the competition have been prepared solely by the participants. {The first script (Preliminary Round) and the second script (Final Round) are based on the theme of each round}. Participants are prohibited to plagiarize / copy stories from any sources without paraphrasing editing.
  5. The participants must send the text in form of School Name_Name__preliminary/final round (should be written on the subject column)  to email ( to follow the plagiarism checks on the October 22nd, 2018 (13.00 WIB for maximum)
  6. If the plagiarism check exceeds 20% then the text will be returned on October 25th, 2018 and the revised text can be submitted on October 27th, 2018 (13.00 WIB for maximum)
  7. The announcement of the final result of text checking will be announced via email on October 29th, 2018 (13.00 WIB for maximum) If the text still contains 20% or more plagiarism, then the participants will be automatically disqualified.
  8. The participants who do not follow the plagiarism check will be automatically disqualified.
  9. Registration fee will not be refunded if the participant is disqualified.
  10. Disqualification decisions are determined by the committee and participants must comply with it.
  11. The participants are allowed to wear costumes and properties suitable with the theme of the story presented. Under one condition: any costumes or properties used must be polite.
  12. The participants are required to have prepared themselves to perform when entering the room (participants get ready to perform, wait for the turn to be called by their participant’s number).
  13. The participants must use ID card and the participant’s number during the competition. It will be distributed after re-registration.
  14. If the participants do not come on the day of the competition, he/she will be disqualified and the registration fee cannot be withdrawn.
  15. The participants must obey every rule in English Week XXIII


  1. Date: Monday, 5th November 2018
  2. Place: Auditorium FBS Unesa


  1. The theme of the story telling competition is Preserving the Heritage of Empires in the World.
  2. The topic for preliminary round is “Indonesian Empire” and final round is “Foreign Empire”.
  3. The participants MUST attend ± 30 minutes before opening.
  4. Re-registration will be opened at 07.00 – 07.45 WIB, and it cannot be represented by anyone else. The participants must attend the re-registration.
  5. Rules of the competition will be read by the committee at 07.45 – 08.00 WIB.
  6. The competition will start at 08.15 WIB.
  7. The order of participants’ performance is determined by the order of re-registration. And for those who come late, they will be the last performers.
  8. The competition consists of two rounds, namely the preliminary round and the final round. In the preliminary round, 5 participants will be selected by the judges to join the final round. They should perform using different text that has been prepared by the participants. After that, the winner is determined based on an assessment of the judges.
  9. Each participant must stay at the competition venue until the competition ends and must remain silent when another participant is delivering his/her story, unless being permitted by committee’s permission.
  10. Each participant has maximum time of 5 minutes to deliver the story for preliminary round and 7 minutes for the final round.
  11. Each participant should pay attention to the time keeper in the venue.
  12. Performance that exceeds of duration will be cut by the committee.
  13. The participants must prepare two different stories at the competition – one is for the preliminary round and the other is for the final.
  14. The participants must submit 4 hard copies of text of each story (preliminary text and final text) to the committee before they perform. (3 for the judges, 1 for the participant.)
  15. None of the participants is allowed to read any script or notes when delivering the story.
  16. The winners will be announced on the date of the competition.
  17. No one is allowed to protest the results. The results have been considered by the judges.
  18. Registration will be closed when the quota is fulfilled.
  19. The registration will be closed on October 22, 2018, or when the quota is full.
  20. Every rule has to be followed. Disqualification is necessary for every participant who doesn’t obey the rules.


  1. All competitions registration will be opened in two phases.
  2. The first phase will be opened on the September 4th, 2018 – September 18th, 2018.
  3. The second phase will be opened on the September 21st, 2018 – October 22nd, 2018.
  4. The registration will be closed in the meantime when it has reached the maximum capacity of the quota.
  5. The committee will not accept any payment for the registration on the day of competition.
  6. The participants must give a number as contact person in the registration form. Committee will send any information only to that number.


  1. Pronunciation and Grammar (25%)
  2. Content (25%)
  3. Word Choice (20%)
  4. Performance:
    1. Facial Expression and Body Language (20%)
    2. Costume and Properties (10%)


  1. Syafi’ul Anam, Ph.D.
  2. Lina Purwaning Hartanti, S.Pd., M.EIL.
  3. Asrori, S.S., M.Pd.


  • All participants will get ID card, certificate, snack, and lunch.
  • Transportation and lodging are not provided by committees.


  1. First Winner: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 1.500.000,-
  2. Runner Up: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 1.200.000,-
  3. Third Place: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 1.000.000,- 
  4. First Runner-up: Trophy + Certificate
  5. Second Runner-up: Trophy + Certificate

Story Telling's Document Regulation


  1. Make sure all the registrant’s names which are written in the registration form (Google form) are correct (complete name) with the correct spelling as it is printed on the Family registration card/student card/identity card (KK/KTP/Kartu Pelajar) in order to avoid mistyping on the participant’s certificate.
  2. The committee is not responsible for participants’ typing/writing errors.
  3. Any kinds of misspelling in the certificate CANNOT be changed.
  4. The changes of the participant that has been registered ONLY CAN BE DONE MAXIMUM on October 22nd, 2018, by contacting Miranda (08121558240) to give the confirmation.
  5. The committee is not responsible for the participants’ changing on the day of the competition.
  6. The team who does not re-confirm the registration will BE DISQUALIFIED.
  7. The participant can take part in more than 1 competition, and make sure it is not crash with the other competition’s schedules that have been chosen.
  8. The committee is not responsible for the participants’ crashed competition.
  9. If there is additional information will be sent via SMS to the CP written in the registration form.
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