Writing Competition is an annual competition that is included in the English Week XXIII of UNESA events. This competition is the only competition in English Week that is dedicated to active university students (S1/D3) throughout East Java (open). It means that “participants outside East Java are also welcomed”. University students throughout East Java (open) will be able to contribute their thoughts and opinions in relation to the problems that occur in society by pouring them into an argumentative essay written on the spot. With this competition, students are expected to be more sensitive to what is happening in society and able to think critically to find brilliant solutions to deal with problems that occur in their environment.


  • Participants that can follow the competition must be an undergraduate university student.
  • English Department of Intensive English UNESA’s students should send at least 2 representatives from each main class.


  • Date: Saturday, 3rd November 2018
  • Place: Language Laboratory, First floor T4 Building in English Department UNESA, Lidah Wetan.


  1. Participant must attend at least 30 minutes before the competition start to re-register.
  2. Re-registration will be opened at 07.30 – 08.00 a.m, and it cannot be represented by anyone else. The participants must attend the re-registration.
  3. The competition will start at 08.30 a.m
  4. Before entering the competition room, all participants have to finish the re-registration process.
  5. Participants are only allowed to bring a pen to the room (blank papers are provided by the committee).
  6. There is no additional time for participants who come late.
  7. Participants have to use computer provided by the committee.
  8. Sub themes are announced on the day of competition (November 3rd, 2018).
  9. Essay writing starts as soon as the committee gives the instruction.
  10. Participants are given 120 minutes to write their essay.
  11. Participants are not allowed to discuss with other participants or communicate via electronic devices during the competition.
  12. Participant who violates the rules of Writing Competition EW XXIII will be disqualified.
  13. Participants may leave the competition room after completing the essay.
  14. All submitted essays become the property of EW XXIII committee.
  15. Essays will be judged according to several criteria: Organization, Logical decision of ideas, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Mechanic, Style and Quality of expression.
  16. The decision of the judges is final.
  17. The winner will be announced in EW XXIII closing event.


  1. Writer:
    • Submitted file must include your registration number only. Do not include your name in the body of the essay.
    • Font & Font Size : Times New Roman 12
  2. Title:
    • Font & Font Size : Times New Roman 14
    • Center
  3. Body:
    • Size A4
    • Font & Font Size : Times New Roman 12
    • Justify
    • Space: 1.5
    • Margin: Normal
  4. Essay should contain at least 800 words
  5. Save the file with SEAT NUMBER _SUB THEME CHOSEN as the file name, for example: 08_Why I Live A Zero Waste Life
  6. Essay should not contain any plagiarism, excessive ethnicity, race violance, and religious involvement


All participants will get ID card, certificate, snack, and mineral water.


  1. First Winner: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 500.000,-
  2. Second Winner: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 300.000,-
  3. Third Winner: Trophy + Certificate + IDR. 200.000,-

Writing Competition's Document Regulation


  1. Make sure all the registrant’s names which are written in the registration form (Google form) are correct (complete name) with the correct spelling as it is printed on the Family registration card/student card/identity card (KK/KTP/Kartu Pelajar) in order to avoid mistyping on the participant’s certificate.
  2. The committee is not responsible for participants’ typing/writing errors.
  3. Any kinds of misspelling in the certificate CANNOT be changed.
  4. The changes of the participant that has been registered ONLY CAN BE DONE MAXIMUM on October 22nd, 2018, by contacting Miranda (08121558240) to give the confirmation.
  5. The committee is not responsible for the participants’ changing on the day of the competition.
  6. The team who does not re-confirm the registration will BE DISQUALIFIED.
  7. The participant can take part in more than 1 competition, and make sure it is not crash with the other competition’s schedules that have been chosen.
  8. The committee is not responsible for the participants’ crashed competition.
  9. If there is additional information will be sent via SMS to the CP written in the registration form.
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